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Fantastic Four


While on a space mission orbiting the earth, four astronauts are bombarded by cosmic rays which give them super powers. Richards becomes Mr Fantastic, with the ability to remould his body into any shape he chooses; Sue Storm can turn invisible and is capable of projecting powerful telekinetic blasts; Ben Grimm becomes a huge, rock encrusted creature known as the Thing; and Johnny Storm can burst into flames to become The Human Torch. Together, they become The Fantastic Four and battle a variety of super-villains bent on world domination.

I remember this show in syndicated reruns– by the time I first saw, them, it was already the mid-80’s.. I had previously experienced the 1979 Fantastic Four show, with Herbie (and retrospectively, severely disappointed at the absence of the Torch), and so i was pleasantly surprised at this “new” FF series..

The action was much more enjoyable for me than the Herbie-era show.. Much more action and fisticuffs!!

Oh, and incidentally– the character Triton was lifted from the INHUMANS, the alien family that the Fantastic Four met during the Stan Lee/Jack Kirby run on the series (a popular 12-issue comics mini-series was published in 1999).. Triton’s background was altered to suit the episode, however–

Directors: Joseph Barbera, William Hanna

Character Designer: Alex Toth

Music: Hoyt S. Curtin, Ted Nichols

Gerald Mohr (Reed Richards / Mister Fantastic)
Jo Ann Pflug (Sue Richards / Invisible Girl)
Jack Flounders (Johnny Storm / The Human Torch)
Paul Frees (Ben Grimm / The Thing / The Watcher)


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