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LunLun the Flower Child, Flower Angel


Angel, the flower girl was a series produced by Toei and distributed by ZIV International.

It’s the story of a French girl who lives with her grandparents in the countryside and helps attending a florist. Their Grandparents tell her she descends from the Floral Star and her mission is to find a flower that has seven colors. Along with a dog (Rope) and a cat (Katy) who can speak, they leave in search all over the world, making friends and good deeds.

Closely follows a young man named Celi, they are also stalked by two enemies: Boris (a man-raccoon can disguise) and Malina, who has the power to generate strong winds at the expense of its beauty, because then you get wrinkles in the face.

Celi somehow protects them and gives seeds to people who receive help from Angel. She has a talisman, called floral key that always used against any flower and allows you to disguise whatever, and enables it to do everything, but the magic It lasts.

Malina Angel just wants to get the flower to become the queen of flowers and rule them all.



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