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Rainbow Brite


Not so very long ago, a little girl name Wisp appeared in a colorless and unhappy world. Through courage, kindness and friendship, Wisp became Rainbow Brite and transformed the unhappy world to Rainbow Land, a magical place where all the colors in the universe are created.

Now, Rainbow Brite is one of Rainbow Land’s four Sky Powers, characters whose magical powers determine the cycles of Rainbow Land’s days and seasons. With the help of her friends, her magnificent horse Starlite, and her magical Color Belt and Star Scepter, Rainbow Brite travels to the far corners of the universe, bringing hope and happiness to everyone she meets. No matter where you are, you can always count on Rainbow Brite to make your heart a little lighter and your world a little more colorful!

There was something about the star crystals Twink would always give to Rainbow-Brite; we thought they were pretty and the sparkling sound they made was pretty, too.  What was cool about Rainbow Bright was she had her own colorful happy world. It was always sunny.

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