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Slappy Squirrel


The Slappy Squirrel is a character from the cartoon Animaniac’s Warner Brothers.

Slappy is as an old bitter and irritable squirrel, which is an aging version of “Screwy Squirrel ” ( a character of short duration of Tex Avery in the ” golden age” of the 30’s and 40’s ) . Slappy was seems for the first time at the third episode of Animaniacs .

Slappy is a gray squirrel wearing a green hat with a flower inclines , also usually wears a pink purse and green umbrella used occasionally hit other characters.

Slappy lives in a hole with his nephew Skippy , who loves to hear her to tell stories about their golden days. Skippy is usually with her in their adventures , where his optimism and sweetness irritated her sometimes, but always with a genuine affection for him.

A cool episode was when Slappy the Squirrel went to Woodstock and kept asking “who is on stage” and Skippy keeps saying “The Who is on stage.” It rocked.



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