When Bambi is born on a spring morning deep in a forest glade, so begins one of the most moving and beloved of all times children's stories.

As the curious fawn grows into a majestic stag, he is exposed to all the danger,  beauty and hardship of the natural world. Bambi learns how to forage for food in winter and experiences the joy of frolicking in an open field in summer.

Bambi makes friends,the good hare, the wise old owl,  the chattery squirrels annd he confronts Man, the most feared of all creatures in the forest.

Lou Fancherm, Janet Schulman and Steve Johnson have brilliantly adapted and reillustrated Felix Salten's classic novel to create a storybook perfectly suited for young readers. Children who loved Walt Disney's animated film and those who have an abiding interest in the natural world will be enchanted by this stunning presentation of this unforgettable tale.

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