The Banana Splits Adventure Hour

The Banana Splits Show was Hanna-Babera's first foray into live action. Aired in 1968 and based around four bizarre looking animals, the characters basically ran around a lot bumping into each other.

These slapstick interludes were interspersed by a number of ongoing series including The Arabian Knights and The Three Musketeers.

Syndicated versions of the show, produced in 1971-72, also featured a variety of re-edited segments and added cartoons.

This show was so cool. One of my favorite segments involved a challenge to a fight by the Sour Grapes bunch. Drooper read some book called "how to be a karate expert", thinking it would help him and he got beat up.

And those music segments. I recall that song "I enjoy being a boy". It went:

I live in a cucumber castle
On the bank of a cranberry sea
Starfish live under my drawbridge
and blackbirds make nests in my trees

Chorus: I enjoy being a boy in love with you.
I enjoy being a boy in love with you.
I enjoy being a boy in love with you now..........OH YEAH!!

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