Beany and Cecil

"Hold on, I'm coming Beanieboy!". I can still hear Cecil yelling that. Beany and Cecil were of the most innovative and entertaining shows ever aired on television. Beany, who was named for the propeller hat he always wore, was accompanied by his friend Cecil (the seasick sea serpent) who externalized his aversion to the sea by sneezing.

Come go sailing
We've waited long enough
For beany & Cecil,dishonest john and captain huf n' puff
(they land on top of cecil!)
it's time for adventure
huh boss,what fun, oh joy!(cecil gets tickled by dj with a feather!)
with cecil the sea sick sea serpent and good ole Beany boy,boy,boy,boy!
Join us for fun, with Benay annnddd..
loveable,gulable,harmless fun with ten feet tall and wet
cecilthe sea sick sea serpent ,created by Bob Clampett
so come on kids lets flip our lids!
Higher than the moon
cuz Ill be Beny Cecil in
a whole half hour!
Bob Clampett cartoooooon!

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