The Beatles Cartoon

Based on the legendary band, the show itself was set up in a vaudevillian style.

The Beatles would come on stage, and make jokes and stuff (I remember the liberty bell would crash on them)

The story would then take place with songs, then you would get a 'music video' or two, that was really images and photos animated to music, pretty cool.

Here are a few stories I remember, one was when Ringo had a raincloud following him wherever he went (I thinkhe was deppressed or something) They sang 'Good Day Sunshine' to get his spirits back. There was a scene where they where in a mexican pyramid,and they sang 'Tommorrow never knows' to the native population as they chanted, it was really cool.

There was this guy that wanted to be a beatle, to be famous and stuff, so he dressed up as a beatle, and I think he got attacked & trampled on by the fans.

They were in the everglades  and they lost their instruments in the swamp full of alligators, somehow the got them and sang with the gators.

They got chased around alot, but always got to playing their great hits

Lance Percival who voiced Ringo in this cartoon also voiced Ringo in the "Yellow Submarine" film, too!

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