The Adventures of Batman

Filmation had the reputation of "catching lighning in a bottle" at the right time. The "Batman" series of '68 was one of the more stylish and effective forays of a superhero into the animated medium ever seen. This series derived it's inspiration from two powerful sources: the classic "Silver Age" Carmine Infantino / Julius Schwartz "Batman" and "Detective Comics" comics and the phenomenal 1966-68 live action "Batman" series. Once combined, Filmation was able to launch a very popular and memorable series that, aside from a few silly plots has survived the ages. The title sequence alone is worht the viewing, with the kinetic, flashing background among the innovative action shots of the protagonists, and last, but not least that charged theme song.

Aside from budgetary problems which caused the cost-effective use of stock city shots time and again, the stories and YES! actual fighting were rarely compromised. It would take nearly 25 years before another serious superhero cartoon would hit the airwaves in the form of "Batman the animated series" and "Superman". Too bad the 70's-early 90's gave us the horrible "Super Friends", "Spiderman & His Amazing Friends", ANY modern version of the "Fantastic Four" and "The Hulk" and "The X-Men. It's best to forget they ever existed!

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