Published on June 20th, 2016 | by Style


Alf Tales Animated Series


Planet Melmac and its inhabitants did not appear so much an Alien world but an alternate reality of Earth – a twisted, hilarious parody of ourselves. Alf and Alf Tales were pure masterpieces in concept and execution, from start to finish. I loved the amount of detail and loving care put into the character and mechanical designs, landscape, and animation. It was like the animation artists took basic everyday concepts, and totally twisted and reinvented them for this program (does anyone remember details like the loud speaker which was a talking Melmacian snout?!). The stories were extremely clever (even more so than the Simpsons, I think). This was the Alf that was meant to be, not the incredibly lame live action counterpart, which unfortunately lasted much longer on television. Ah, those were the days….

My favorite episode was the one where the sister made everything lose its hair. alf tries to cheer her up with the stuffed cat, “Here’s mr. mowser coming for a visit…” and the cat loses its hair and the sis starts crying again. the timing was really good.



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