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at 1991 after finishing the series Tiny Toon. Warner Bros studios decided to launch another series that follow the same line of the previous series and started the projec with new characters.

Initially four characters were created , but  they decided to remove one of them and place a female in the group to make contrast to Yakko and Wakko.  At the end they’d named them the Warner Brothers and  and Dot their sister and the only girl in the group.

After completing the three main characters in the series other characters were created but they were included as segments into the series.

I love the episode where Yako, Wako, and Dot help Michaelangelo paint the church. They paint Elivs on the ceiling, and Michaelangelo gets mad at them and shows them a layout for what the church should really look like. You hear Dot scream: “Oh No! More naked pictures!” and Yako says, “Hey, pal, you’re in a church, and you could get in a lot of trouble for flashing that kind of stuff around.” Ha ha!



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