The Barkleys

Arnie Barkley,he's the head of the Barkley house. Agnes Barkley is his devoted and loving spouse

They've got kids, Terry,Roger and Chester,too and all of them are Bark-a-leys,through and through 'Cause they're the Barkleys,and they're OK

Arnie Barkley with a very open mind is always first to let you know his own opinionated ways but even though he may grumble and get uptight

Just remember. Arnie Barkley's bark is worse than his bite!

This show was an OK spoof of "All in the Family",with a family of dogs.

I liked the design of the characters;a few laughs.

Henry Corden,who also voiced Fred Flintstone for a while,was the voice of Arnie Barkley.


"The Match Breaker", "Finders Weepers", "Lib And Let Lib", "Half Pint Hero", "No Place For A Lady", "For The Love Of Money", "Keeping Up With The Beagles", "Play No Favorites", "Law And Misorder", "The Great Disk Jockey", "Barkley Beware" and "Arnie Come Clean", "The Talent Agency Caper".

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