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Meatballs and Spaghetti


It’s hard not to imagine the pitch meeting that started it all. An animation executive comes into the room, says “Hey, let’s have a show based on the rock star Meatloaf!” and is met with the overwhelming response of “Yeah, kids love Meatloaf!”

Meatballs and Spaghetti was indeed a cartoon incarnation of Meatloaf, with the large-girthed musician’s name thinly disguised as “Meatball.” Together with Spaghetti, his skinny and talented singer/wife, the two shared adventures that only a struggling husband and wife rock band could share, somehow managing to fit in at least one song per episode. Always ready to help out was Meatball’s assistant, Clyde, as well as Spaghetti’s loyal dog, Woofer.

Are You Ready,
Are You Ready,
For Meatball,
This was such a great cartoon!

Original Air Date: 1982
Channel: CBS
Prod. Co.: Marvel Productions

Characters & Voices
Meatballs – Ron Masak
Spaghetti – Sally Julian
Woofer – Frank Welker



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